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About company

Notary Geek offers unparalleled Remote Online Notary Services globally, utilizing cutting-edge technology for quick and secure document notarization. Clients can have their documents notarized within just 15 minutes from anywhere worldwide. For Clearwater and Dunedin, Florida residents, local in-person notary services provide prompt and personalized assistance. The nationwide network ensures easy access to notaries across the U.S., accommodating various locations like homes, businesses, hospitals, and care facilities. Notary Geek also caters to international clients, managing notarizations without requiring a Social Security Number. Their commitment to efficiency and adherence to state laws ensures customer satisfaction, making them a reliable choice for notarization needs.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Clearwater, United States.
  • Founders: Gregory Lirette is owner of NotaryGeek.net.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2022.

Customer reviews

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A solid five-star experience
by Justo

A solid five-star experience! They provide an individualized approach, sticking to the scheduled notary appointment diligently. There's a broad range of time slots available for appointments, and it's even possible to secure a slot on the same day. The cost is reasonable. The notary conducting the process is highly polite, understanding, and patient. Even for my parents, who are around 70 years old, the entire notarization process was manageable on their smartphones.

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Greg proved to be a reliable resource
by Oscar D.

Greg proved to be a reliable resource during a last-minute task. Amidst unexpected challenges, he efficiently addressed my needs for a same-day apostille, streamlining the process. Greg's notary, a reputed professional in North America, swiftly handled the electronic apostille, making her the go-to person for such tasks. Contacting Greg ensured a smooth experience without any complications.

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Notary Geek is a versatile hub catering to
by Jennifer A

Notary Geek is a versatile hub catering to notary and tech needs. Whether it's document signings or tech support like web hosting and email setup, Notary Geek has you covered. It seamlessly combines notary services with a range of technological solutions, making it a convenient one-stop destination for all your notarial and digital requirements.

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For a novice like me handling my
by Arman H

For a novice like me handling my first US notary, the initial confusion about required identity documents was quickly resolved by the helpful service. Greg's guidance made the process speedy, professional, and reasonably priced. I appreciate the assistance provided.

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The notary proved to be both amiable
by V Torgy

The notary proved to be both amiable and accessible, offering significant assistance in navigating the procedure. Quick responses to my inquiries and a commitment to ensuring my comprehension of every stage were noteworthy aspects of the service.

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We obtained prompt service upon
by N.S. Marcelle

We obtained prompt service upon reaching out to the company, initiating the notary process swiftly on the same day. Considering this efficiency, we wouldn't hesitate to engage their services again in the future.

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Their services have proven
by Terrance J

Their services have proven to be straightforward and effective for my specific needs, which involve notarizing documents for overseas employment. Additionally, the pricing is quite reasonable.

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Positive encounter! I researched
by Melissa

Positive encounter! I researched extensively for a reliable notary, and Greg stood out as the only individual who persuaded me with his substantial resources. Appreciative!

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